Every year, 45 million male chicks of the egg-laying breeds are killed in Germany alone because they do not lay eggs and it is uneconomical to fatten them.

SELEGGT GmbH seeks to be a significant part of the solution to this problem. They aim to further develop the research on endocrinological gender identification in the hatching egg to create practice-ready solutions that can be used to the highest extent possible in the future.


Our team’s high scientific and technical standards enable us to develop a process which is at the cutting edge of technology, easy to use and can rapidly analyse a large number of hatching eggs.

Thanks to the SELEGGT process, male chicks will soon no longer need to be killed.

What can SELEGGT GmbH do to prevent millions of chicks from being killed?

Consumer eggs produced in Germany in 2016 12,97 billion
Number of laying hens in Germany in 2015 47,54 million
Number of male day-old chicks killed in Germany in 2016 46,88 million
Number of hatcheries for laying hens in Germany in 2016 around 26